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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

chicken and mushroom in sweet soy sauce

This is just a simple menu I always did when I want to cook in a hot lazy afternoon. Just cut the chicken breasts in cubes, use some garlic, mixed that with sweet soy sauce (kecap ABC), chilli (cabe rawit), salt, and pepper for maybe 15 minutes.

After that, put some oil in frying pan, make it hot .. fried the chicken breasts, until it looked like golden brown. Then, add a spoon of oyster sauce, and fish sauce. Mixed that.

Then, add the canned mushrooms. Maybe it's better to buy products from ma ling (chinese product), and find one that has been chopped, so it make you easily to cook (lazy cook here actually :P).

mixed that chicken and mushrooms, make it about 5-10 minutes .. put a small cup of water, and taste that for the taste. Better to have the sweet taste.

And, dont forget to turn off the fire after you cooking :)


Blogger kl4nis said...

gua lupa cara taro foto lagi di flickr. jo .. AJARIN!!

3:14 AM

Blogger jo said...

masih perlu diajarin kah? pake photobucket aja lebih gampang linknyaaa..

1:56 PM

Blogger kl4nis said...

photobucket gimana?

9:25 PM


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