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Sunday, September 04, 2005

beef teriyaki and vegetables

beef teriyaki and vegetables
Originally uploaded by kl4nis.
nyam nyam. I like this cooking. since it's easy .. and the taste is very good. I'll submit the recipe later. currently just want to post the picture first :)

ok .. now, this is the recipe :
1. cut beef brisket to size 1 * 2 * 0.5 cm. then, after finish, marinade beef with garlic, sweet soy sauce (kecap abc), oyster sauce, sugar, and chilli sauce (if you want). marinade this in about 1-2 hours.

2. in frying pan, fry some chopped onion until golden brown.

3. add beef, and cook that until dark brown, and well done. add some more sauce if required. taste.

4. for garnish, steam some mixed vegetables (you can buy this in supermarket). steam until well cooked.

5. to serve, you can as well put some lemons for the beef.


Blogger jo said...

wahh bikin ngilerrr.. dioni.. gimana klo kita bikin peraturan tambahan.. klo posting masakan dan poto sekalian harus posting resep jugaaa..??

5:54 PM

Blogger yume said...

iyach ni gembel. sebel kalo liat poto without recipe ;O

btw potonya bagus banget nih yang ini. tapi jadi kayak photo site. soalnya photonya yang diutamakan, bukan recipenya. (masih sebel)

8:30 AM

Blogger kl4nis said...

ladies .. bukan salah saya dong kalo buat kalian berdua ngiler :P yg jelas, nama nya jg posting resep, hrs tampilan semenarik mungkin .. tuh kan efeknya kalian pada laper hehe. soo .. where r ur posting girlss!!!

12:06 AM

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