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Monday, October 24, 2005

choco lava medsa

choco lava medsa
Originally uploaded by kl4nis.
a trip to bandung ... and ate some of greatest foods of bandung. and here is the best one, chocolate lava from medsa cafe.

i really want to post this, since this cake is really2 yummy.

it's with egg rolls, vanilla ice cream, and chocolate that will melt your mouth.

so .. when you plan to travel to bandung city .. try to come to medsa cafe in bukit dago pakar timur 2, and ... fell the chocogasm in your mouth :)


Anonymous ti2n said...

Ikutan comment ah......
It Looks too sweet for my teeth, Chan hehehe.... Tp bole juga untuk d coba...
Mungkin rasanya mirip2 ama cake yg di Bakerz Inn... gue lupa judulnya apa.. tp ya gitu, di dalemnya ada melt chocolate nya plus pake kulit jeruk kering.. sbnrnya seh enak.. tp berhubung gue g gitu suka manis, jd ... 3 stars aja. (koq malah ngomongin Bakerz inn coba???)

4:56 PM

Blogger kl4nis said...

sbnrnya .. g jg ga gt suka coklat yg manis2. tp suer wkt ngerasain ini .. it feels like .. chocogasm banget. makanya .. miss to go there again. (pdhl kmrn yg ngabisin itu choco lava nya tuh bukan gua lohhh)

7:58 PM


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