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Thursday, November 24, 2005

La Pasta

la pasta

This time, it is an experiment with a well known products in Australian supermarkets : La Pasta from San Remo. So I bought a pack of La Pasta - Chicken and Mushroom here to rekindle my cooking times back in Melbourne :P and got a chance to tried it out last weekend.

I didnt have an oven or cream so I omitted that part. It turned out as a shocking experience for me as I've never tried following a real pasta recipe before other than lasagna so I was a bit shocked on how much liquid is required in the recipe, I reduced it by 1/2 cup but it still turned out OK.

The verdict: not too bad but I would prefer to try another variety next time. Was it because I didnt follow the exact recipe? I wouldnt know but the mushroom taste is purely MSG in my opinion.


Blogger yume said...

keliatannya agak ancur gitu jo hwahhaw

8:17 AM

Blogger kl4nis said...

ancur knp sih?? btw yume mana postingnyaa?!?!

1:41 PM

Blogger jo said...

hwaaaaaaa :'( ancur apaanyaaaa??

2:36 PM

Blogger kl4nis said...

iya .. ancur apanya sih nee?

12:53 AM

Blogger yume said...

maksudnya keliatannya agak2 ancur pastanya geto. mungkin karna keliatan berair gitu kali yaa.

iyach sodara2. saya bakal posting ASAP =9. tenang2.

2:17 PM

Blogger jo said...

kurang kering sih mestinya soalnya kan klo mnrt resep mesti di oven bake lagi dan krn saya tidak punya oven ya gitu dehhh

11:49 AM

Blogger yume said...

btw gua dulu juga demenn makan pasta instant yang uda tinggal dimasak pake susu dan mentega gituu hwuhwu. tapi uda lama sih nggakk.

8:09 AM

Blogger kl4nis said...

fyi .. wkt ke phil ada nestle noodle, rasanya, spaghetti carbonara. di aussie ada ga sihh? g dapet gratisan dr cc yg gawe di nestle ... ooo!! miss that so much ... enak banget booo

7:40 PM

Blogger yume said...

gawe nestle indo atau nestle phil?? lon pernah sih gua ketemu. but then again gua cuman di OZ doank, yach kagak ketemu mie aneh2 la yaa =\

8:25 PM


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