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Monday, December 19, 2005

Honey Bean Pasta

Originally uploaded by Meexia.
Yay my first post! Sorry, I really2 haven't cooked something nice for a long time. I found (made) this recipe by accident, and it was so good I couldn't stop licking my plate and pan heehee

1 portion of Pasta - I used Salmon Ravioli, but I think any pasta is okay
A handful of green bean
A few spoons of thickened cream
1 tablespoon of honey
Cut garlic

How to Cook:
Boil pasta.
Cook the rest in seperate pan.
Put some butter into the pan, fry the green beans (cut into small pieces beforehand).
Put some cut garlic in (I usually use the cut garlic in a jar, easy and can be even better than fresh ones =b)
Keep frying it for about 5 minutes, until beans cooked and softer.
Pour in the thickened cream, honey, and salt.
Let it simmer for a minute, and pour it all over the pasta.

Try it, you won't regret it ;)


Blogger kl4nis said...

alhamdulilah .. yume posting jg. wahhhh .. lg pada not in the mood to cook ya. sama nih

10:35 PM

Blogger jo said...

hohoho jangan salah.. gw ada kok cmn blm dipost ajaa..
btw yume, itu tuh kacang panjang ato buncis?

7:17 PM

Blogger yume said...

kacang panjang dan buncis bukannya sama yach?? sama lagiiii

4:43 PM

Blogger jo said...

beda tauuuu...
kacang panjang tuh yg lebih keriput gitu dan warnanya cenderung lebih tua.. klo buncis tuh yg ga gitu panjang dan kulitnya lebih alus drpd kacang panajng.. buncis lebih manis drpd kacang panjang..

4:06 AM

Blogger yume said...

mungkin buncis yaa.. mhh gua jadi binun kacang panjang yang mana huhuhu.

10:05 AM

Blogger kl4nis said...

whahahaha .. kebayang yume di dapur bisa bingung kalo lg ama jojo. ayooo kita masak rame2 gimana?? :)

3:18 PM

Blogger jo said...

luv that ideaaaa.. kapan neh???? :):):)

4:37 PM

Blogger yume said...

pasti seruuu ;D

12:03 PM


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